Helping parents declutter, give joy & save the planet...

On YoungPlanet you'll find thousands of parents giving and requesting children's items for free - what comes around goes around, so why buy?
"The joy of giving is worth more than the money you get when you sell; you can't put a price on a smile and reducing waste :)"
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If you're a parent, you'll love YoungPlanet
YoungPlanet is an app that enables parents to put no-longer-used children's things to good use with new families and away from landfill, for free.
Feel the joy of knowing what you give will go on to create new memories elsewhere...
Give & get things cost and guilt free
Reduce waste, accelerate re-use and create space at home
Hear it from other parents
"Big thank you for creating such a wonderful app. I feel so happy to know that my children's beloved toys have got a new home and someone else is enjoying them as much as we did :)" - Nilofer
"I am a huge fan of your app, I think it's a brilliant way of living a little more sustainably and spreading joy along the way." - Adela
"I love the user-friendly app and the even friendlier app users. You can give/receive at your own convenience, time and place. I recommend it to anyone who are about to have a baby or already have grown up kids and lots to give away." - Aurelie
Where it all began
Co-Founders and parents-of-three Jason & Emma were walking past a yard sale in the US a few years ago, when one of their boys spotted and fell in love with a red ride-on firetruck...

After seeing the joy on their son's face from zooming around on a toy that had been sitting around gathering dust, the seller insisted on giving it to them for free - watching the truck in action brought back so many happy memories of her own children enjoying it when they were smaller... and the idea of YoungPlanet was born:

"Declutter, give joy and save the planet...and it won't cause you a penny"
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