In the press
BBC News
YoungPlanet and Jason was featured on TechRound, sharing three main ways that focusing on micro-communities can unlock business growth.
BBC News
YoungPlanet was featured on ITV News, with Jason, Emma, and family sharing their experience of using and passing on secondhand items.
BBC News
YoungPlanet was selected as one of the "Best Parenting and Baby Apps of 2022" by Bamboo Bamboo.
BBC News
YoungPlanet was featured as one of TechRound's top 100 UK startups.
BBC News
YoungPlanet was selected as one of the top 20 finalists of the Blue Tulip Awards by Accenture.
BBC News
YoungPlanet was showcased in TechRound's Top 33 Tech for Good Companies, and was one of the top ten companies on the list.
BBC News
Jason and Emma Ash share more about the app and talk about how it all started on BBC South Today.
BBC Radio London
An interview between BBC Radio London's Vanessa Feltz and founders Jason and Emma Ash, where they explain more about the app.
Lad Bible
"Making toy-swapping the go-to option is a priority for us because it benefits everyone. We want to help people save money and declutter without feeling guilty about their items going into landfill..."
BBC Radio Oxford
Jason and Emma Ash share more about the app and how it's in our childrens' nature to want things, and in our nature as parents to want to provide
BBC Radio Oxford
Jason and Emma Ash discuss their approach to reducing unnecessary waste, and the philosophy behind YoungPlanet
Huffington Post
Founder Emma Ash features on a video interview with Huffington Post, where she explains how YoungPlanet is a free app that hopes to promote a circular economy for children's and parenting items.
“As a busy parent, being environmentally-conscious isn’t always the priority and there’s often a higher price to pay for ‘greener’ brands...”
Co-founder Emma gets featured by TechRound to share more about the YoungPlanet platform, as well as advice to other aspiring female entrepreneurs.
As part of a Christmas special, Jason shares more about YoungPlanet and how the platform can help contribute to a greener Christmas during the festive season.
Bolnews presents YoungPlanet as an app "that contains a vast variety of children’s toys and items for free."
BBC Radio Oxford
YoungPlanet founder Jason Ash shares more about the app on BBC Radio Oxford with host Sophie Law. Interview starts 3:39:30.
Huffington Post
YoungPlanet is featured on BBC Sounds' popular programme Stories to make you smile and Make A Difference with Bill Buckley.
Pebble Magazine
YoungPlanet gets featured as one of five platforms to share, rent or swap kids’ essentials.
The Sun
'A MONEY-saving app that lets parents get FREE toys from families who no longer want them is being expanded across the UK.'
Positive News Magazine
'Old toys got a new lease of life via an app'.
Mail Online
'Entrepreneurial parent's aim to cut number of toys heading to landfill with YoungPlanet app.
This is London
The Evening Standard's 'This is London' segment sheds light on YoungPlanet, a 'new first-of-its-kind app'.
Baby Magazine
'19 Parenting Apps We Can't Live Without'.
Emma shares her top tip's for families on a budget in The Sun's Mrs Crunch.
Hackney Gazette
'Hackney toy sharing app unites local parents in the war on waste.'
Little London
Visit the Little London website to receive a Little London School Guide for Spring 2020.
Little London
Emma and Jason share their thoughts on a sustainable future.